By | April 9, 2017

New Mexico has a varied landscape and interesting history as far as aliens are concerned. This combination gives it a varied collection of attractions. Whether you are interested in spending time outdoors hiking or skiing, or simply want to go on an interesting road trip, this state has it all.

Read on to find out the top attractions to check out in New Mexico.

Get Cast In A Movie

The New Mexico movie industry has been experiencing a boom of sorts. With more films getting filmed in various locations, the chances of walking onto a filming set, and getting cast as a film extra, are increasing by the day. If you really want to get your fifteen minutes of fame, simply stay alert for open casting calls.

Follow Route 66

Route 66, which begins in Chicago heading to Santa Monica via New Mexico, is one of the most popular scenic routes in the country. The route is littered with a huge variety of roadside attractions. However, it’s recommended that you make your trip there as soon as possible as an increasing number of attractions shutdown each passing year.

Four Corners

New Mexico is known for its intriguing nature, the state is home to the only location in the whole of the US where four states meet. Standing at the Four Corners puts you just one step away from three other states.

To get there, you will need to follow the I-65 just north of Shiprock, heading into Arizona.


Roswell is famous for a history of alien sightings. You will notice how seriously the city takes their aliens by the numerous alien displays around town. To start with, city’s seal also has an alien on it. Visitors will find a huge collection of alien themed restaurants and streetlights as well! The city is also home to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Here you will find a variety of interesting alien related exhibits.

Loretto Chapel

This historic building, located in Santa Fe, is home to an amazing spiral stair case which is made of an extinct type of wood. The staircase, which was built by the Sisters of Loretto, does not have a central support or any nails. The impressive nature of this staircase is highlighted by the fact that the building was converted into a private museum to preserve it for public viewing.

Include the above attractions in your New Mexico travel itinerary for the best sightseeing experience.